Photographic Equipment


List the equipment you wish to sell

  1. Try to be as comprehensive as possible so our quote can be as accurate as possible.
  2. Please list conditions.
  3. If you have a large list and would like us to come to you please let us know.


Let us know what you would like to get for your equipment

  1. Please try to let us know about how much you want or even what you would hope to get as that helps us know if we can come close.
  2. We will do our best to match your figure.


We will give you a purchase order number

  1. We will list your equipment on the purchase order with the dollar figure we have agreed on.
  2. Now we know what equipment is coming and you know how much money you can expect.


Send us your equipment

  1. Somewhere inside the box please make note of our conversation and corresponding purchase order number.
  2. Packing can be a lot easier than you think, please click here for packing suggestions. We understand you may not know us and may be nervous about sending your equipment. However, we have a great reputation.
  3. You are welcome to bring your equipment to us, however it is still advisable to call first to discuss value.


Once we receive your package we will check all the equipment and call you.


We will send a cheque that day!!!!!


Do not be shy to ask a million questions, we are patient and helpful.



“Best dealer in town, and perhaps simply the best. Knowledgeable, fair, and very well stocked, I recommend Sol first for any professional or hobby photographers looking for gear. He also pays fairly for used equipment and offers trades. I’ve been a customer of Sol’s for over 20 years, and he’s always been perfectly reliable and straight.”

Randy Cole

“Hands-down, the best hand-picked photo gear at fair prices.

Sol runs his business with integrity and has created a vibrant camera community with his twice yearly camera show & flea market.

Highly recommend!”

Galit Korngold

“Probably the best place to buy used photo equipment in Montreal. Sol is a great guy to deal with… he knows cameras, lenses etc and his used gear is hand picked, in great condition and his prices are fair. I love the photo flea market shows he organizes and always look forward to see what he brings to the show.”

Tony Vincelli