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    “Best dealer in town, and perhaps simply the best. Knowledgeable, fair, and very well stocked, I recommend Sol first for any professional or hobby photographers looking for gear. He also pays fairly for used equipment and offers trades. I’ve been a customer of Sol’s for over 20 years, and he’s always been perfectly reliable and straight.”

    Randy Cole

    “Hands-down, the best hand-picked photo gear at fair prices.

    Sol runs his business with integrity and has created a vibrant camera community with his twice yearly camera show & flea market.

    Highly recommend!”

    Galit Korngold

    “Probably the best place to buy used photo equipment in Montreal. Sol is a great guy to deal with… he knows cameras, lenses etc and his used gear is hand picked, in great condition and his prices are fair. I love the photo flea market shows he organizes and always look forward to see what he brings to the show.”

    Tony Vincelli